Kayaking equipment available for use by club members


Arawa maintains a fleet of kayaks that are available for use by members.

Club kayaks serve some fundamental purposes:

  • Enabling beginners to learn to paddle
  • Enabling club members to train in racing team kayaks
  • Enabling the development of paddling technique in racing kayaks

The club fleet has been built up over a number of years and includes a variety of kayaks. These have been purchased by or donated to the club for the use of all members. Some rules have been established in order to extend the lifetime and availability of the boats.


Keeping our fleet up to date and in a serviceable condition is a constant challenge. In order to ensure maximum availability of the club's kayaks for use by members, there are some rules and guidelines in place to minimise the need for maintenenance and to ensure that kayaks are available for use when needed.


Club kayaks must be available for use during scheduled coaching sessions. There is a coaching timetable posted on the notice board inside the club. Please plan your independent training around these sessions, or join in to take advantage of the opportunity to learn some new skills

The clubs Hypernova and AR Duo double kayaks are popular for teams training for Adventure Racing and multisport events. Organising training sessions with multiple people requires some planning and coordination. To help facilitate this, there is an online booking system in place to allow training sessions to be booked in advance. Please ensure that you book these kayaks before removing them from the shed. If there is no booking slot available at the time that you wish to use these kayaks, it means someone else has already made a booking. If this is the case, please leave the kayaks and make a booking for another time. Click the button below for more instructions on the booking system.

Members Only

Club kayaks are for the use of members only. The only exception to this rule is during the 3 session trial period offered to prospective new members.


Use of club kayaks must be registered in the log book by the west entrance door in the club. This enables us to monitor which kayaks are getting the most use. Should you wish to take a club boat away to another venue for an extended period (full day, weekend or longer) hire fees and conditions apply. This must be approved by the Equipment Officer and hire fees paid in advance.

Kayak Setup

Some helpful tips for the setup of club equipment can be found here... Kayak Setup


Individual responsibility is required while using club gear. The club is unable to provide any form of supervision or support outside scheduled training sessions. Ensure that you are wearing appropriate clothing and a PFD (aka Personal Flotation Device, Lifejacket) in accordance with maritime regulations and your water survival skills. If you are uncertain about the use of the equipment, please get involved in a training session with a club coach who will be happy to show you the ropes.

Appropriate Use

A personal floatation device (PFD, lifejacket) must be worn by anyone using a club kayak, unless dispensation has been granted by the harbour master.

A two seat kayak is for two people only, and a single seat kayak is for one person only. Putting more people including children into a club boat than that for which it is constructed is not permitted in club kayaks.


Please ensure that the kayak you use is returned to the racks promptly at the end of your session. Remove any river debris from the kayak on the bank to reduce the mess tranferred into the sheds. If you have an incident during your session that causes damage, or you notice any maintenance issues, please register this in the log book on in the clubs Issue Tracker.


Item for Hire Daily Rate
Hypernova Double Kayak $30.00
Single Multisport Kayak $30.00
Paddle $10.00

A limited number of the clubs kayaks are available for hire. Hiring a club kayak enables paddlers to take the craft away for events or extended training sessions. Please note:

  • Club kayaks can only be used in deep water environments - lakes, estuaries, deep slow moving rivers. The use on fast flowings and/or braided rivers such as the Waimakariri, Rangitata, Rakaia and similar is prohibited due to the increased risk of damage and wear.
  • Kayaks must well supported on suitable roof cradles, including nose support for long craft.
  • Log book must be completed and return date/time noted.
  • Damage or loss is the responsibility of the hirer.


Keeping all of the clubs kayaks in good working order is an on-going challenge.


Keeping our kayaks in good condition requires careful transportation. Careful loading, fastening and transportation of kayaks is important to prevent damage.