Arawa offers storage for your kayak at the club. Right on the Avon River, ready for training.

Club storage offers the convenience of:

  • Having your kayak on hand for training
  • Reducing the wear and tear and time lost to roof racking your kayak
  • Storing long craft in a sheltered, dry environment

Storage is in strong demand, so if you would like to store your kayak at the club refer to contact details below. We try to put the longer craft in the East Shed (as it's slightly wider) and the shorter craft in the West Shed. The shed plans can be found on the noticeboards just inside the door of each shed. These are updated from time to time, so may not be current. There is nothing more frustrating for our members to turn up to put their boat away and find another boat in their spot. Please take care when returning you kayak to the rack that it is stored in the allocated location. The storage database is managed by the club administrator. Please refer all queries to storage@arawa.org.nz


  • Storage is available for current financial members only.
  • Storage fee is $132 per year, per kayak.
  • Storage fees are due in advance, invoiced with membership renewal.
    • Storage initiated during a membership period is pro-rated
      on a monthly basis at $11 per month through to next membership anniversary.
  • Equipment is stored at the owners risk.
  • Storage locations are allocated. Kayaks must be stored in their allocated location.
    • Kayaks found in an unallocated location, or a location
      allocated to another kayak may be removed to secure storage
      until the owner can be identified.
    • An empty stoarage location does not imply a free storage
      location - please to storage map and refer any queries to


The overall layout of the club's storage sheds is illustrated below

East Shed West Shed
Gym Club Rack Passage
Club MS Rack
Rack K
Rack J
Rack I Paddles
K2 Rack Passage MS Doubles Rack H
Rack S Rack G K4 Rack
Rack R Rack F
Rack Q Rack E
Rack P Doubles Rack D
Rack O Rack C
Rack N Rack B Notice Board
Rack M Rack A
Passage Ways - Keep Clear
Club Boats - Member Use
Club Boats - Coach Supervision Required
Private Boats - Not available without member permission


Each rack in the shed can hold multiple kayaks. The an example of the current rack layout is shown below. Rack locations are designated by:

  • First Letter = Rack location per shed layout.
  • Number = Rack Level, numbers from top down.
  • Second letter = Position on rack. L (Left) M (Middle) R (Right)
Rack A - Refer to shed layout above
Level 1 - Top A1L A1M A1R
Level 2 A2L A2M A2R
Level 3 A3L A3M A3R
Level 4 A4L A4M A4R
Level 5 - Bottom A5L A5M A5R


If you'd like to request a storage rack for your kayak, please contact us via email by clicking the button below.